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For us boomers each birthday comes with a silver lining in the form of ever more discounts and special deals. The deals start coming as soon as we hit the big Five-Oh. More discounts roll in at 55 and 60 and 62 and 65, so it’s hard to keep track of all this windfall. One of the NYC Boomer’s missions is to keep an eye out for new discounts and report to our readers the best finds.

For our younger boomer readers, here’s a small sampling of the NYC discount world you’ll be entering. The starting age for the discounts varies, so get in a habit of asking if a senior discount is available.

Tennis in City Parks 90% off:

senior discount








This is such an amazing deal you almost want to get a permit even if you don’t play tennis!


NYC public transportation (subways and busses) half price, starting at 65
Hotels 10-20% (starting at 50 for AARP members)
Car Rentals 5-30%
Amtrak 15% at 62
Greyhound and Trailways


Applebee’s, IHOP, Subway, MacDonald’s and many other national chains
Usually 5-10% discount for 55+ or 60+
Dunkin Donuts – free donut with extra large coffee

Retail Stores:

Banana Republic 10% for 50+
Bed Bath and Beyond 10% for 55+
Kohl’s 15% for 60+ on Wednesdays
Lens Crafters 30% for AARP members

Grocery Stores:

Food Emporium 5% for 55+ on Tuesdays
D’Agostino (check your local one for the day)
Gristides (some locations)
Many independent grocery stores and vegetable markets, for example, these on the Upper East Side.
Note: Discounts are usually offered one day a week, most often on Tuesday or Wednesday, the slowest grocery shopping days.


Theater chains, such as AMC and Regal 30%+discount, at 55 or later, depending on chain
Note: May be limited to early shows only

Arts and Culture:

TDF – Theater Development Fund, up to 70% discount to theater, ballet and concerts for 62+ retirees and certain other groups of people (see here for eligibility requirements).
Many museums and theaters have senior discounts or senior programming. For example, here is a list of close to 200 venues with special senior deals, published by NYC-ARTS.

For a taste of many more available discounts, check out these two of the countless websites that list senior discounts: Brad’s Deals and  Frugal Living.


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