My Life Is… a Walk in the Park

Central Park April 2013One of the wonders of New York City is its many green spaces hidden among the skyscrapers. For years I have actually walked through two of them, Central Park and Bryant Park, on the way to work, and many mornings wished  that I could just keep on walking.

Other parks I have spent time in are Carl Shurz Park where years ago I sometimes hang out by the playground at playdates with my son and his friends, and The High Line where I have admired the sunset over the Hudson River. Still, there are so many parks that would worth exploring while getting some extra steps on my FitBit.

A solitary walk in a park is nice exercise, but it’s twice as nice if you have some company to talk with. If there’s interest among our city boomer readers, we can take an hour or two every now and then, and explore one of the city’s parks.  We can stroll, saunter,  meander and  mosey for a while inside one of the parks, observing the flora and fauna while chatting with our fellow walkers.  The walks would always begin and end near public transportation, not too far from a nice place for a cup of coffee.

Let us know in the comments below, if you want your life to be “a walk in the park,” and tell us which parks are on your list waiting for a visit.


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Seija Goldstein has lived in New York City for 40 years and has no intention of ever leaving. After working full time in media and raising two wonderful children, she is now planning to sample everything that her favorite city has to offer. She will be reporting her experiences on this blog and inviting other New York City Boomers to join in the adventure.

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