Boomer Yoga: Yin Is In!

I hate to bring this up, but as we get older our inside stuff (fascia) starts to harden and shrink. Unfortunately, this process begins sometime in our 30’s unless we take action to reverse the process.

Just a little check list:

Is your sacrum (lower back) beginning to flatten?
Do your knees say “no” when you want to squat to pick something up?
Is your flexibility hindered by tight hips?

So you think, “Ok, so I need more tennis, bicycling, fast walking and running or even Zumba.” Think again. These dynamic yang activities just won’t help – as a matter of fact, if you overdo, they will increase stiffness as the connective tissues shrink further.

Yin yoga is the answer!

Yin is a natural healing practice that on the yoga spectrum lies somewhere between Restorative Yoga and Hatha Yoga. It is a quieter practice that increases circulation, lubricates, and creates space in the connective tissue, joints and organs. This practice along with some more dynamic activity is all you need to have a healthy and happy Boomer life.

The key is three-fold:

1. Find your edge – come into the pose and look for just the right amount of tension or discomfort. If you experience any sharp pain or tingling sensation come out of the pose.
2. Be still – try to relax the muscles so that the connective tissue lengthens.
3. Stay awhile – stay in the pose for 3 minutes (check out the free app – “Insight Timer” to time your poses.)

Yin poseThe YIN pose we will do today is Child’s Pose:

~ Come onto your hands and knees and sit back on your heels.
~ Rest your forehead on the floor or blanket.
~ Arms can be forward or back behind by your thighs.
~ Breathe easily and deeply.
~ Stay in the pose for 3 minutes.

This pose will lengthen your spine and release tension in the lower back. It is a very calming pose.

If you have discomfort in the tops of the ankles, place a rolled towel under the ankles.
If your seat doesn’t come to your heels, place a rolled towel behind the knee.

Come into this pose to release lower back tension and calm the mind. Enjoy (in joy!) and see you next time!

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Evelyn Abruzzo

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Evelyn Abruzzo left the field of educational administration in 2000 and has pursued the study of ISHTA yoga under Yogi Raj Alan Finger. She is passionate about inspiring boomers to pursue this healthy and happy life style. Evelyn has a Doctorate in Education from Hofstra University and is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Evelyn Abruzzo, Ed.D, E-RYT 500

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