When people ask me, “where will you move when you retire?” I always reply, “why should I move? I already live in ‘assisted’ living.” I live in a full service NYC building and there is a doorman to help with groceries, a handyman who comes to fix the air conditioner and super to call when something major needs to get done. My prescriptions are delivered to the door. If I feel like Indian food at 10pm, it arrives in minutes. A city bus is a few steps away and takes me where I want to go for a bargain price of $1.25. If I wake up on a Wednesday morning and feel the need for a little culture, I’ll be sitting – in a deeply discounted seat – in a Broadway theater by 2pm. And in any health emergency, there are number of world-class hospitals only minutes away.

If you really think of it, there is no better and more convenient place for us baby boomers – even the youngest of us have turned 50 by now!- than the city we love. For some of us it’s the city where we have spent our entire careers, for others it’s the city where we’ve visited often and always felt a twinge of regret having to get into the car and drive away.

For years, many of us rushed by MOMA and Frick and Lincoln Center on our way to work and meetings, saying to ourselves “one day…” Now that day has arrived and we are overwhelmed by the options available in this great city. You can spend your days on the computer surfing for things to do and places to see and being paralyzed by the choices.

Our aim at NewYorkCityBoomers.com. is to sort it all out for your, whether you are a newcomer or a life-long New Yorker. Our bloggers share their favorite activities and events. We keep our eyes out for boomer discounts, freebies and special travel offers. For the city newcomers, we’ll share the inside scoop on housing and neighborhood and which parks are boomer-friendly. We’ll report on volunteer opportunities and other get-togethers for making new friends. We’ll look at everything through the eyes of someone who has more time than money.

We’ll surf the web, check the listings, and scout the sites, so you don’t have to. Everything you’ll need to know to enjoy your favorite city to the fullest will be just one click away.

Welcome to NewYorkCityBoomers.com.

Seija Goldstein, Founder